How to make a stewards inquiry.

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    When making a stewards inquiry, first of all make a new thread in the "F1 Stewards Panel" section of the forums, making sure you use the prefix's so we know what console you are on. Make sure you use the following template when you write your thread, and also ensure you tag each member involved so they are able to provide their point of view of the incident, as well as your league coordinator so that they are aware that your incident has been investigated.

    Title: Tier, Type of Incident, Members involved Eg: "F1 Incident with Gamertag"
    Championship: Eg: F1, F2, F3, etc.
    Date: The date of the race.
    Members Involved: Making sure you tag each member AND your tier coordinator
    Description: Provide a description of the incident. Please remain calm, and don't belittle any other members. (Any abuse will not be taken lightly, and may result in an instantaneous penalty from an admin)
    Evidence: The gameclip/video/picture you are basing your investigation on. If you don't have any evidence, you may use another members clip with their permission.

    What can be investigated?
    The stewards will investigate any of the following types of incidents:

    Racing incidents: Incidents that may occur during a race, resulting in either a loss of time, car damage, or your retirement from the race.

    Unfair time penalties: If the game gives you an unfair penalty (Eg. Running wide at the final corner in Singapore on F1 2016) you can have the penalty revoked. This excludes Stop-Go penalties and Drive through penalties as they are required to be taken during the race, and will unfairly change the results should they be removed.

    Who can start an investigation?
    ONLY drivers directly involved in the incident may ask for it to be investigated.

    Who can comment on an investigation?
    ONLY the drivers directly involved in the incident and the ASR admins are permitted to comment on an investigation.

    If you are not involved, but have footage of the incident, you are permitted to post the footage, but are NOT permitted to post your personal opinion on the incident.

    Inappropriate use of the Stewards Panel may result in a loss of privileges on the ASR forums.

    Time frame for posting incidents:
    We are becoming much stricter with the time frame incidents have to be posted within for this season. All incidents must be posted by the Tuesday after the race (by 11:59PM AEST GMT+10). There will then be 24 hours for any member involved to give their evidence (This may be done before this 24 hours starts). Other members may post their point of view even if they aren't involved in the incident. If you don't have any evidence to give, please refrain from posting in an incident.

    If you are unable to send in your incident within the time limit please message @formulafish15

    There is a variety of possible penalties that the stewards may give you depending on the severity of the incident.
    Penalties include:

    5 Second time penalty
    10 Second time penalty
    15 Second time penalty
    20 Second time penalty
    Disqualification from race
    Qualifying ban for your next race
    1 Race ban
    Multiple race ban
    Season ban
    Temporary ASR ban
    Permanent ASR ban

    Each penalty is increasing in severity. Multiple of the given penalties by be combined.
    If a time penalty is given by the stewards, but the penalised driver DNF'd, the time penalty will carry over as a Qualifying ban for the next race.

    Penalty points:
    We also run a Penalty Points system, which is as follows:

    1 Point – Illegal blocking in Qualifying or ignoring blue flags during a race
    2 Points – Causing an avoidable collision
    4 Points – Causing a major avoidable collision
    8 Points – Deliberately destroying your car (especially serious with the possibility of a safety car)
    12 Points – Deliberately crashing into another driver
    14 Points – Deliberately crashing into another driver that you are in close proximity to in either the teams or drivers’ championship for you or your team mate.

    If you accumulate:
    6 points – You will be given a written warning
    8 points – You will be given a qualifying ban for next race
    10 points – You will be given a race ban for the next race
    12 points – You will be given a second race ban for the next races
    14 points – You will be excluded from the current season and possibly all other ASR events for 3+ months. You will also be stripped of all of your points in the drivers championship.
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