2018 SMS ASR PC Daytona 2.4 hour - Sign Up Thread

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    2018 SMS ASR Project CARS 2 Daytona 2.4hour
    PC Sign Up Thread

    Sign Up here for the SMS Aussie Sim Racing V8 Supercar Championship - Season 1 on the PC!

    General Information:
    Race Date:
    20th January 2018
    Start Time: 7:00pm (Melbourne/Sydney time)
    Qualifying: 15 Minutes
    Race Distance: 2 hours 40 minutes
    Weather: Random
    Session Time: 2pm
    Start Type: TBC
    Vehicle Damage: Full Damage
    Mechanical Failures: No
    Tyre Wear: Authentic
    Fuel Depletion: Yes
    Rules & Regulations: On
    Assists: Authentic

    League Rules: Coming Soon

    Sign Up:
    You should only sign up to the leagues if
    ● you intend to complete the full season.
    ● you are able to race regularly on the set race day (Friday nights).
    ● you intend to be active on the forum.
    ● you are a clean, fair and mature racer.

    Sign Up by replying to this thread with the following template:

    Steam name: [Enter your Steam name here]
    Desired Car Class (LMP2/GTE): [Enter your desired car class either LMP2 or GTE]
    Nationality: [Enter your country of residence here]
    Assists Used: [Enter the assists you are dependant on using here]
    IF you are outside of Australia/New Zealand/South East Asia, speedtest result to Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane (We need the ping): [Enter screen shot of speedtest result here]

    Car Selection will be done after sign up is complete.
    Please note the ratio of LMP2 to GTE cars TBD
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    Steam Name: Keegan Sutton
    Desired Car Class: GTE
    Nationality: Australian
    Assists Used: None

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